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 ClubProcure supply partners goals are simple... 

help members grow their businesses with the best products and services


 We became golf's #1 cigar supplier without maintaining a single humidor.

Captured Cuban Air Space

Guillermo explains what separates CertiFresh Cigar from the others. He walks you through the process of how we  eliminated the harsh realities of shipping and storage of fine cigars.   

Wedding Steph & Bryce Res Real DBL tube.
AZ Augusta Ranch Ashton 898 DBL tube sam

Pro Shop Sales

All top selling most recognizable cigar brands.

Cigars are all mild to medium strength and the ideal size for the golf course.


Free counter display that's space saving and maintenance free. With the display is a customized menu with cigar description, tasting notes, and Cigar Aficionado ratings.

Each cigar is customized with your imprint - logo - signature hole, whatever you can think of.

Easy inventory control and guaranteed freshness means never a loss because of stale cigars - GUARANTEED

Food & Beverage



Beverage Cart Sales - Free Cart Containers

and free cart menus.

Halfway House or any bar location -

Counter Displays furnished at no charge.

Tournaments - Events - Weddings

Whether it's a member/guest or a charilty tournament CertiFresh Cigars are not only GUARANTEED fresh they're GUARANTEED

to make a lasting impression.

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